The Siddhagiri Sai Temple at Yedapalli plans to launch an unique program titled
- Bhiksha : Feeding the Lord, from the 26th of August 2014. The day marks the birth date of the Blessed Theresa, the mother of "compassion and giving". We would like to recreate the same dimensions of energy in the Nilgiris that inspired the Mother to accomplish her work.


1) What is the program about ?

The program plans to implant a sense of "compassion and giving" to every individual in the Nilgiris. The Badagas of Nilgiris are definitely an unique community in that they have a natural tendency to 'share and give' since  their time under the protection of Hethaiamma in the Nilgiris.This program reiterates those divine qualities of our people through the idea of feeding. Every household in the Nilgiris could offer just one handful of rice grains before they cook every day, in a separate box as an offering to the Lord. The rice grains collected as the offerings could be shared with the village temple for a common Annadhanam function , or even to other places of choice which could benefit from such offerings. The collection of the offered rice grains could happen at each hatti level.
         Just a handful of rice grains each day ! To open your heart and soul for grace and compassion. To give is 'to be blessed'. This shall positively create a huge vortex of energy of 'giving and compassion' in the whole of Nilgiris and its positive impact to people also visiting the Nilgiris.

2) How am I supposed to be involved ?

You have a great role to play being part of this program! All you have to do is to have the intention behind your thoughts to 'feed the poor and helpless' strengthened by setting aside one handful of rice grains everyday before cooking your daily meal.Just one handful of rice grains as an offering to the Lord. Once sufficient quantity is collected at your home, you have a choice to offer it to your village temple (who could serve annadhanam at the Village), or offer it to your nearest old-age/children homes, or offer it to the Siddhagirisai Mandir at Yedapalli that feeds annadhanam to hundreds of people every day of the week.

3) Who has come up with this program ?

The Lord himself ! The thoughts have been implanted into the compassionate minds of Mouna Swami and Sakthimayee, who could be contacted on the details of the program @91-9442482219. We are looking at being able to reach 10,000 homes starting the 26th August  2014 to get involved in this program, to generate an immediate vortex of energy of 'compassion and giving..'

Bhiksha - Feeding the LorD...