The Siddhagiri Sai Mandir is located in the beautiful blue mountains of the Nilgiris at the

Siddhagiri hills of Yedapalli. This Mandir came in to being by the grace of Shirdi Sai Baba and with the blessings of Swami Sathyanandha Maharaj and through divine efforts of Sakthimayee and Sairam Nandu Baba.


While establishing a small shrine for Baba in Ooty, Sakthimayee and Nandu felt an inner call to visit Shirdi. While in Shirdi, Baba graced them with his physical dharshan and guided them

to spend some time in sadhana in Parthi. At Parthi, Sakthimayee underwent

intense sadhana culminating in the experience of her SELF. After blessing Sakthimayee with the ultimate experience of Shiva Consciousness, Baba guided them to go back to their birth place of Nilgiris. While searching for a suitable place in the Nilgiris to begin Baba’s work they visited the mountain goddess hethai's shrine at kathgui, were Sakthimayee had the vision of the goddess Eeara Maaasi who blessed her by saying "you have come to do my work..go ahead.. I will do it through you". In a later vision the goddess gave her signs for a suitable location to build a temple for Baba and told her that many shall visit and benefit from His presence and with the Mandir as the base, to serve the people of Nilgiris. Based on the signs given in the vision they located the place in the Siddhagiri hills of Yedapalli. In this sacred place they came across a small shrine for lord Siva in the form of a Swayambhu lingam. They learnt that this Swayambhu lingam had been there for decades and it was earlier discovered by one of the elders of the nearby village. The local folklore goes on to say that he had repeated dreams in which he experienced that he was walking on top of lord Siva. In pursuit of the dreams, he spent time searching for signs while grazing his cows. Then he witnessed one of his cows standing at the same spot for a long time every day. Curious he dug at that spot and came across the Siva lingam. While relocating the Siva lingam from that spot, he felt it growing immensely heavy at a particular geodesic location. So he placed it at that location and began worshipping the lingam at its relocated spot.

           Based on divine signs and other experiences, Sakthimayee and Nandu Baba felt it was the right place to build a Mandir for Shirdi Baba and through the grace of Baba they were able to acquire the land. They invited Swami Sathyananda who is known as the Mouna Sadhu ( as Swami has been in silence for over 23 years ) to do the Bhoomi Puja on 23rd November

2012. With his blessings they began work to construct the Mandir for Baba. In a vision Baba gave Sakthimayee the layout of the Mandir with its different alters.

          While visiting Swami Sathyananda in his ashram in Tiruchuzhi, Swami offered to

take up the task of acquiring a pure Makrana white marbled statue of Sri Shirdi

Sai baba over 7.6 feet for the Mandir. Through Baba’s grace all came together and

Swami Sathyananda officiated the Prana Prathista on the Guru Purnima day - 22 July 2013.